About The Maple Leaf

Web content, written for the Department of National Defence in 2017.

The Maple Leaf is the national, online source for stories about the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence. We publish information on the latest operations and exercises, pay and benefits, health and well-being, new initiatives, policy changes that affect the Defence Team, and human interest stories about the members of the CAF and the civilians that support them.

Originally published during the Second World War to inform and entertain the Canadian troops posted overseas, The Maple Leaf has continually adapted to the changing media landscape. In 2017 we moved to a digital-only platform, with the final print issue published in July 2017.

The Maple Leaf has a rich and storied legacy. Learn more about the history of The Maple Leaf:

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  • The Maple Leaf in the Mediterranean
  • The Maple Leaf on the Western Front
  • The Maple Leaf in London
  • Features and coverage of the wartime Maple Leaf
  • The Maple Leaf in the post-war period

Members of the Defence Team are invited to submit articles for consideration. Submission guidelines can be found here.